In the year 1987, the Association has extended its services by offering educational expertise to schools of all Managements. For this purpose, the Association has launched Sri Vidya Mandir Foundation. Up-coming schools under any management can enjoy affiliation of this expert body and get guided to shape their schools on lines of our Sri Vidya Mandir Institutions. To-day the Foundation has under its umbrella about 20 schools with a total student population of 10,000 spread in the districts of Salem, Dharmapuri, Erode, Coimbatore and South Arcot.

We owe a great deal for the success in this project in Vidya Seva to the selfless and dedicated services of very able, eminent, and dedicated Heads of Institutions and teachers.

From 1986 till now Scholars from our schools have been able to win All India Ranks and a place to the Association in the Educational Map of India. Our schools have been registering CENTUM results in the Board Examination.

We hope, with the able leadership of our Principals and the work of dedicated teachers, our Association Schools would scale greate heights and keep the flag of Vidya Save of Sri Vidya Mandir Association fly high.




The year 1947 marks a Golden Era in the annals of our country. That was the year We attained "SWARAJYA". We had the good fortune of being guided by a galaxy of leaders from Bala Gangadar Tilak to Lal Bahadur Sastri. Afterwards the political and social life of our nation has begun to fall from the high standard set by our Saints, Seers and the National leaders.

With a view to contribute their mite to arrest this negative trend and to work towards the establishment of noble ideals in our younger generation; the Elite of Salem founded "Sri Vidya Mandir Association", as an instrument to run educational institution and train the younger generation to imbibe the nobler values, our great nation 'Bharat' has stood for.

Started in the year 1969, with a small strength of 17 in our School at Shevapet, the Sri Vidya Mandir Family has grown into a BIG BANYAN with a total enrolment of 7000 boys and girls in their most impressionable age. Sri Vidya Mandir Group of Schools mould them successfully as integrated personalities and present them to our Nation, ably guided by our 300 teachers and 80 enlightened members of the community, forming the Esteemed Management.