The school is affliated to Central Board of Secondary Education , and has classes from playgroup to 12th , with well qualified staff , small classes with a maximum strength of 30 , an ideal teacher student ratio , normally 1 to 25 , the school takes good care of the academic performance of the student.

The Academic subjects are grouped under various faculties and each faculty is headed by a well experienced senior teacher. Regular faculty meetings are held to review the progress of the students and to discuss important matters. With a well checked out and rigorous daily routine the students are constantly , channeled to reach their full potential and are taught the importance of sound work habits. No student is allowed to idle away any time.

Through regular formative Assessment and summative assessment (CCE) , progress of the student is continuously assessed and progress reports are sent to the parents after each monthly test and examination . The performance of each student is subjected to a critical review and remedial measures such as guidance and special coaching classes are taken whenever necessary.